A Good Day

Recently, I was riding in an elevator at the beach. A girl got on complaining about how the elevator was messing up and how her day wasn’t going well. I asked her floor and she said, “Fourth.”  I told her the stairs were far quicker and more dependable. She took the elevator anyway and just grumbled that her day started off bad. I had just gotten out of a lengthy hospital stay with a loved one. My perspective was how on earth can you have a bad day at the beach? On vacation!    Then it hit me, it’s all perspective. Anyone who’s seen “It’s a Wonderful Life” gets it. I saw some bad days for people in the hospital and they did NOT include the functioning of elevators. In fact I met a couple in the elevator at the hospital whose two children had been hit by a car recently and both were in the hospital. Now, I’d call THAT a bad day.   As urgency subsides back at home, I am trying to remember how fortunate we are to worry about paying bills, where we parked our car, and if all major appliances are in working order. As one of my sons says, “First world problems, mom.”  I realize it is a choice to not get bothered by the little stuff. I sure don’t want another big reminder anytime soon.

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