Happy “Birthing” Day!

lighted candles on cupcakes
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Birthdays are a big deal in our culture.  We celebrate, Facebook post, give parties, send cards, eat cake and get gifts.  The fortunate friend or family member may have a surprise party, incredible trip, special dinner or some other token celebration.  What is odd to me is that we don’t celebrate our “birthing” days.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to do away with birthdays I just want to add recognition for a “Birthing Day.”

People should want to honor and applaud the person who nearly died bringing them into the world, don’t you think?  From gestational diabetes, ruptured placentas, BED ARREST, hemorrhoids, extreme NAUSEA (we feel you, Kate Middleton) to a myriad of other horrors, why do we just forget about it and not even thank that person?  It is truly tragic women go through irreparable body morphing only to have that moment shoved under the rug, that is, until one goes to a baby shower.  That is the one exception where it’s like women relish how gruesomely detailed their story can be.  One-upping birthing stories are quite impressive, actually.

To remedy the situation (since I cannot see a BIRTHING Day added to anyone’s calendars), I highly recommend the act of celebrating it yourself.  Birth moms, treat yourselves!  Do something extravagant for you.  Buy yourself a present, schedule a spa day, take yourself to dinner- just make it happen!  Tomorrow is my triplet sons’ 21st birthday.  I honestly do not see my three, 21 year old sons coming to me and saying, “Oh mom, thank you so much for the hellish two months you spent in the hospital for me.  I am sorry you had wear 2 large hospital gowns for weeks,” or “Mom, here’s a bottle of your favorite wine for our 21st birthday, let’s all stay home together tonight, just the family, and celebrate you.”  NOT GONNA HAPPEN!  Instead I have made peace with it. Now I just have to go to Metal Benders and pick something out…..

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